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Our team organized a season starter 4×4 drive in the wadis of Ras Al Khaimah and Fujairah. What started off as a simple plan with about 5-6 SUVs soon ended up as a 20 car event. We’re excited and keen on doing more of these drives looking at the great response we’ve received for our […]

New LED Light Range

Introducing Ironman 4×4’s new LED light range, providing a variety of lighting options to suit all your driving light needs


Light up your tent and cool down on hot summer nights with the Ironman 4×4 Tent Fan with LED Light.

This rechargeable dual speed fan and twin setting LED light is packed with features, including 16 hours of fan speed run time and 40 hours of LED light together with a recharge USB cable.

The soft foam fan blades are a practical alternative to the traditional metal or plastic styles, making it the ideal choice for use around children.

Attach to your roof top tents ceiling with the fold away hanging hook, or use the built-in stand that allows you to angle the airflow from your table or tent floor.

The Ironman 4×4 Tent Fan with LED Light provides airflow relief in your camp setup, making it cooler and more comfortable on those warmer summer nights.

– USB rechargeable
– USB output hub
– 15 hours fan maximum run time
– LED dual brightness setting
– 100 Lumens at maximum brightness
– 40 hours LED maximum run time
– Child safe foam blades
– Fold away hanging hook

Off-Road in Style with Ironman 4×4

Our team of expert technicians are trained and experienced in equipping 4×4’s to hit the rugged off-roads! In this blog, we’ll talk about the custom built products and equipment from Ironman 4×4 that enhance your off-road journey! 

All the gear you need to conquer the off-road!

Preparing for an off-road adventure requires a little time, a lot of technique, and a helpful off-road checklist. Go heavy and you’re surely going to regret it. Under-weigh and well, you may be uncomfortable with your surroundings! But figuring a way out to achieve a balance will help you avoid unnecessary stressful moments. Listed below are important portable recovery equipment you should consider for your next rugged adventure!

Off-Road the IRONMAN 4X4 Way: Safely and Well Equipped.

In light of the UAE promoting domestic tourism, you’ve decided to take your 4×4 for a day of rough and tough off-roading fun. Upon arriving, you start tearing through the dunes enjoying the cool desert air. You notice the driver in front of you manages to take their Land Cruiser up to the top of the steep dune ahead. You rev the engine and are speeding to the dune, just as you’re about to hit the top, you hear the dreaded noise of one of your tires getting stuck in the sand. There is no car for miles, and you are unsure of where you exactly are in the desert. As you wait for Triple-A to find you, the sun starts to set, and it gets darker and colder.

#Overland vs #Offroad: Aren’t they the same thing?

We’re sure you’ve noticed overland has become a very popular term, with hashtags such as #overland having 2.8 million posts. Now you must have many questions and doubts such as: Is that over-modified Jeep I keep seeing an offroader or an overlander? Is my best friend an offroader or overlander? Am I an offroader or overlander?  Is my next-door neighbor a… STOP! Sorry for causing a 4×4 existential crisis but that’s what we are here to fix so let’s break down the difference between the two. And just to put you at ease, you don’t need to pick sides.

Camping the Overlander Way: How we at Ironman 4×4 Camp

Summer is approaching, which means we can say goodbye to even walking from the house door to the car without getting drenched, so it’s the best time to escape the heat and camp out in the mountains. We know about that summer life with the humidity and heat now pair that with the 5 P.M. traffic and you’ve got a recipe for a migraine. Pssst…Escape! If all of the above has already started to make you sweat; then let us walk you through the Ironman 4×4 way of camping.

Why Foam Cell Shocks Should Be Your First Choice For Serious Off-Road Suspension

Everyone knows one of the first off-road modifications is suspension, but it's tough to figure out which of the many designs is the best for 4WD touring.

Reservoir vs Twin-tube vs Monotube: Which Shock is Right for You?

4×4 Modifications have gained popularity over the years, with more thrill-seekers looking to get their vehicles fitted with the latest suspension kits and accessories. However, this has also led to the spreading of misleading information about all types of modifications.  As a leader in this industry, our goal is to inform and educate our customers about these misconceptions. This week we will be discussing Mono-tube, Twin-tube and Reservoir Shocks and where Ironman4x4 technology is placed. A shock's primary function is dissipating energy that is generated through a vehicle’s interactions with various terrain. Before delving into each type of shock individually, let us walk you through the difference between the three types and define some basic terminology.

Ironman 4×4 Middle East Facility In JAFZA Is 100% Ready For Action

This state of the art facility in Jebel Ali Free Zone in Dubai, UAE, serves not only as a warehouse but also as a flagship dealership demonstration centre where customers, business partners and potential dealers can come and experience all our products under one roof. 

Camping in the Evening: It doesn’t have to be like that

As explorers, sometimes we find ourselves trading in comfort for the thrill of adventure; however, how much is too much? Yes, we are rough and tough, but no matter how much we city-folk love the outdoors, our bodies aren't used to such conditions. Since the beginning of time, we have all seen the hype about starry nights – with Van Gogh even painting them. But what these glamorizations leave out is the various issues we face outdoors (maybe that’s why Van Gogh was painting them instead of sleeping under them). Not to mention the lack of AC or heating, leading to an increase in shivering or sweating.  But there is no need to worry as we are here to give you those much-needed tips and tricks to enjoying an evening out camping.