Summer is approaching, which means we can say goodbye to even walking from the house door to the car without getting drenched, so it’s the best time to escape the heat and camp out in the mountains. We know about that summer life with the humidity and heat now pair that with the 5 P.M. traffic and you’ve got a recipe for a migraine. Pssst…Escape! If all of the above has already started to make you sweat; then let us walk you through the Ironman 4×4 way of camping. Now camping, in theory, sounds relatively simple. You pack food, water, shelter, and any other essentials – that TV is not exactly essential, but we’ll let it pass. You go in with the hope that whatever you cooked will not give you food poisoning and that the tent you have taken is as easy to assemble as the salesperson demonstrated. But some forms of camping are an extension of overlanding and a bit different. For starters, most overlanders camp in several spots along their journey. We know what you are thinking, and yes, of course, they disassemble and reassemble the tent and other accessories for every stop. This setup is why many people prefer to only do it once or twice instead of several times but not us. How do you think our green man got his muscles? We are just kidding. Our tents and awnings are easy and quick to set up, meaning there is no need to worry about it. For example, our instant awning with LED lights and dimmer takes 15 seconds to assemble! Our products make it efficient and easier to camp the overlander way. With traditional tents, you have to camp in an area with a firm or flat terrain. And what is firmer and flatter than the roof of your car?! Our roof tents are once again super easy to set up and offer privacy due to their exterior flaps. Just because you’re outdoors doesn’t mean you shouldn’t get some privacy. Another great thing about rooftop tents is that since they are perched higher, you’re able to enjoy a super chill view. Not to mention, no bugs or potential wildlife can get to you. We’ve solved that problem, but what about problem number 2? The bathroom situation is an odd thing to discuss but is important, especially if you are going for a few days. Certain 21st-century things do get incorporated in overlanding. All because we are living outdoors doesn’t mean we don’t deserve privacy when the OG nature calls! And before you say anything, we know about that old towel you use as a flimsy curtain. Please throw it away and get our Instant Ensuite which also attaches to your roof rack. Sometimes, an ensuite isn’t enough so don’t forget to pick up our Bush Toilet. What is a Bush Toilet? We’re glad you asked. Made from rust proof steel, the Ironman 4×4 Bush Toilet is a compact, foldable toilet for camping. It’s carry bag has side pockets for toilet paper and includes 10 biodegradable bags. So now if you have to go you’ll have a place to go. When it comes to food and water, it is better to pack a little more than less; moreover, a camping fridge is a must. Instead of plastic bottles, opt for a water tank so that you can carry more litres of water. We are aware of the YouTube channel of the guy cooking next to a river on rocks with one knife, but this is not realistic or sanitary for that matter. So please invest in electric cooking options. Where are you going to eat the freshly cooked meal? (Please don’t eat while squatting) A day of squatting in front of the fire is a vibe until you drop that one piece of chicken that took 2 hours to cook. Well, no need to panic or eat that dirty chicken pick up Ironman 4×4’s Camp Table and Chairs and never worry about these mishaps again. Camping in an overlanding/explorer fashion takes quite a bit of preparation and supplies to ensure your safety and wellbeing. Whether it is your first time or 100th time, it’s still a good idea to invest in camping equipment to make your camping experience easier. But no need to fret because Ironman 4×4 is here to help. Our adventure enthusiast team enjoys camping every chance and will be able to guide you to the right products; as well as provide some great tips! Do drop by and ask questions and pick up some high-quality camping gear from us.