In light of the UAE promoting domestic tourism, you’ve decided to take your 4×4 for a day of rough and tough off-roading fun. Upon arriving, you start tearing through the dunes enjoying the cool desert air. You notice the driver in front of you manages to take their Land Cruiser up to the top of the steep dune ahead. You rev the engine and are speeding to the dune, just as you’re about to hit the top, you hear the dreaded noise of one of your tires getting stuck in the sand. There is no car for miles, and you are unsure of where you exactly are in the desert. As you wait for Triple-A to find you, the sun starts to set, and it gets darker and colder.

Off-roading is all fun and games till we try to mimic Charlize Theron in Mad Max and get dangerously stuck. As they say, it’s not about if you get stuck but when. The best way to prepare for this is with the right equipment and off-roading style. For starters don’t improvise, we all like to believe our 4x4s transform us into off-roading beasts; however, the reality is far from it. Every terrain has unique challenges; hence it is better to research the trail or the area where you will be off-roading. 

Oh No, You’re Stuck?!

Another way to prepare is by investing in some off-roading recovery tools. A recovery board is a nylon board that helps you get your vehicle out of dunes. Dig as much sand as you can below the wheel and shove the board underneath. Hop back into your car and slowly roll on to the board to drive out of the dune.


Over-packing, We All Do It

Now, we know going for a day out in the dunes means you’ll need to pack quite a bit of stuff, but this can lead to your vehicle becoming too heavy. Even with high-quality suspension kits, your performance is still more likely to suffer. Another issue is warranty, exceeding the weight allowance set by the manufacturer can render your warranty void. Considering what us off-roaders put our 4x4s through, this is quite important. Our advice is pack with the mindset of a day trip and not a journey across the desert unless that’s been the plan all along (we’d get it). 


Your 4×4 Wrote This 

We know that high-quality gear and equipment for off-roading can cost a little a more, leading you to consider cheaper alternatives. However, using low-quality equipment can end up costing you more in the long run. If you are not experienced or confident, it is vital to get the installation done by experts. We offer installation with all accessories to always ensure your utmost safety. 

Of Course, I Can See

Off-roading is a full day adventure and doesn’t have to stop after sunset. We know most 4x4s come equipped with state-of-the-art XENON Lights, but they don’t help provide a detailed terrain view; hence, you only understand the terrain as you cover, which is dangerous after dark. It’s a great idea to get Blast Phases and LED Light bars to increase your visibility and enhance your judgment. Our LED Lights offer visibility over 140 degrees and 10 meters to 980 meters.

Are All Risks Worth it?

There comes a time in every off-roader’s life where they must swallow their pride and turn around, well that day’s not today so you should totally go for that steep slope! Ignore that last bit, no matter how hard it may be. Some terrain challenges are not worth the risk and deciding that can improve your skills as an off-roader. It could be a steep slope, a rocky area or even too dark for proper visibility. Refusing to turn around can make the fun end early and discourage, you from off-roading more frequently. It’s okay if that FJ in front of you sped over that dune, it doesn’t mean you need to do the same.