We’re sure you’ve noticed overland has become a very popular term, with hashtags such as #overland having 2.8 million posts. Now you must have many questions and doubts such as: Is that over-modified Jeep I keep seeing an offroader or an overlander? Is my best friend an offroader or overlander? Am I an offroader or overlander?  Is my next-door neighbor a… STOP! Sorry for causing a 4×4 existential crisis but that’s what we are here to fix so let’s break down the difference between the two. And just to put you at ease, you don’t need to pick sides.


You’ve been searching for the top 10 camping places in the UAE all week. After being bombarded with suggestions and information, you finally pick a place. Your 4×4 isn’t excessively modified but accessories such as an awning and a roof rack along with some camping gear. (Psst… Not to be those brands but we do sell great camping gear and roof racks so do check them out!). All because you are an overlander, it doesn’t mean you don’t see the value in suspension. Your beastly 4×4 is fitted with state of the art suspension whether it be nitro gas, foam cell or foam cell pro. (Psst… Sorry again but we do sell those too!)

The place you’ve selected isn’t the typical dune bashing area its more of a nicely paved road allowing you to comfortably enjoy the views as you drive to the camping spot. As an overlander, you prefer exploring rather than putting your 4×4 to the limit. As cliched as it sounds its not about the destination but the journey. You spent all morning taking nice long routes before arriving at your camping spot. If you’re the type of overlander to go for an RV then you won’t need to worry about arranging for a tent but if you’re a hardcore nature lover you might need to opt for the whole camping package, sleeping bags and all.

What a beautiful day it truly is, you’re enjoying yourself out in the sun when suddenly you hear a loud engine revving. Oh no, its an offroader.


Do you hear the electric guitar music because we sure do! As you slam the accelerator you drive by the miffed Overlander Joe. While you drive away you wonder, “wonder why he’s in a mood?”. Now you’re the type of person who wants to push their 4×4 lean mean machine to the limit. No terrain is safe from you and your 4×4. You see that dune; you’ll go over it. You’ve seen that rocky terrain, but has it seen you.  Your recovery board and equipment have seen better days. Wait, you don’t have recovery equipment? Well not to plug ourselves once again but we do offer great options for recovery whether its recovery boards or winches. Now your trip planning starts a little differently than Overlander Joe, firstly your pre trip prep will involve fitting suspension or armor of some form. Also, you would have asked someone in your off-roading circle for a place with “sick dunes”. What’s that? You are that person? Let’s skip that step then.

Unlike Overlander Joe, it’s about the destination for you not the journey. So we’ll just skip the part about the scenic route, we can feel you losing interest at just the thought. Now you’ve made it to the place so let’s get going. Dune after dune, and you’re still not done. Then you see the dune of dunes, the golden dune. A dune so steep and high that other 4x4s have crowded around it, waiting for some to attempt it. Will it be you? Now we can’t answer that question for you. You’ll just have to answer that question yourself next time when you see that golden dune. 

You still want to know if you’d go over the dune, right? We knew this was coming. Well you race towards it, and are climbing up until you hit the peak. Now that’s a view, hope you’re not afraid of heights. As you drive down, you are greeting by many fellow offroaders who want to know how you did it. We told you this would happen if you were fitted with Ironman 4×4 gear.

Destination or Journey?

Still unsure about which category you fall into? Well the truth is while overlanding and offroading are two different things that doesn’t mean you need to identify exclusively as one. You may feel you like both scenic routes and dune bashing. Maybe you like to overly modify your 4×4 but still take it solely for exploring. What we’re trying to say is that whether you are a pure overlander, pure offroader or a mix of both Ironman 4×4 is there to fit your vehicle specifically to your needs. If you can’t find what you need, our custom works team will create it for you. Have an accessory you’ve dreamed to fit your 4×4 with? Bring your design down to us to get it created and fitted.