If you’re anything like us, we guarantee you have spent the last few days or probably a month pushing your 4×4 to its limits. After all, we all like to go extreme when it comes to off-roading! The entire upcoming winter season will see thousands of modified, 4x4s being driven through the deserts of Dubai. The drivers knew there is a time-frame needed to install the right accessories on their beasts!

At the Ironman 4WD Off-Road Centre in Ras Al Khor, our technicians have been busy with numerous 4×4 installations. Off-road fans have been regularly placing their requests for underbody protection kits, suspension lift kits, bull bars, light installations, wheel alignments, awnings and tent installations,  winches, snorkels, and much more! Fortunately, Ironman 4WD Off-Road Centre was able to meet the above demands for all 4×4’s, mainly the vehicles that got an upgrade were: Mercedes G63 AMG, Nissan Patrol, Land Cruiser, Jeep Wrangler, Mitsubishi Pajero, FJ Cruiser, and many more!!

Now it’s the time we’ve all been waiting for — the off-road season! We’ve covered several videos and snapshots here and here. But really, we don’t want to stop there. We are adrenaline junkies that would rather go to the next level to overcome every trail obstacle across the desert and discover rampant off-road adventures!! Preparing for an off-road adventure requires a little time, a lot of technique, and a helpful off-road checklist. Go heavy and you’re surely going to regret it. Under-weigh and well, you may be uncomfortable with your surroundings! But figuring a way out to achieve a balance will help you avoid unnecessary stressful moments. Listed below are important portable recovery equipment you should consider for your next rugged adventure!

Air Champ Smart Deflator

Well-compressed tires are what you need for an extravagant experience, your entire off-road journey relies on your tires. To keep that thrill rolling, these tires must be taken care of. Deflating tires at the end of the road is when you are sure to provide your tires with proper traction during the rocky terrain. The challenge is to go off-road yet be comfortable.

The portable Ironman Air Champ Smart Deflator solves all your tire deflating problems. The dual PSI/KPI gauge helps in quick tire deflation with exceptional precision by removing and containing the tire valve. The simple to use, quick deflator easily clips onto the valve connector which makes it a hassle-free tool to use. This helps in optimizing tire pressure off-road by airing down in a simplistic manner!

Total Traction by Treds

If you’re stuck, you gotta get out! Winches are helpful, but what if you don’t have one installed on your 4×4? Winches ask you to work hard, install them onto a vehicle, and connect them to the sick one!

What if you can’t find a winch connected to a 4×4 to help you out?

You would rather keep a portable recovery track that can be placed under your 4×4’s tires, rev your engine and be out of that thick, dense dune in a few seconds! High quality and engineered. These Australian traction mats provide a total solution to your ‘my 4×4 is stuck in the desert’ situation.

They feature hex grip nodules that provide an aggressive pull on to the equipment, getting your front tires out of the sand! Created by using the best materials that cause no harm to your tires. Designed to handle the extreme road condition and impact from your vehicle to accelerate it’s way out!

Better known as Total Traction by Treds, to know more about this easy-to-use tool, Click here.

Recovery Kits

An all-rounder portable recovery kit to keep you out of trouble! The Australian equipment is a perfect, basic recovery kit for your 4×4. A recovery kit is essential for off-road junkies as the vehicle might lose control, get stuck, or might need a tool that can help your 4×4 escalate out of trouble-causing no harm to the driver and passenger. This proven and well-equipped kit is significant if you do not have any other recovery gear or equipment for your 4×4. Kit Includes:

  • 30ft (9m) long, 17,600lb (8000kg) snatch strap
  • Two 4.75 Ton bow shackles
  • Recovery hitch receiver
  • Leather gloves
  • Reinforced carry bag

Portable, easy to carry off-road equipment, and kits from Ironman 4×4 are engineered to keep your 4×4 healthy off-road. Off-roading is a great sport that can be experienced at any age, but safe off-roading is what matters in the desert! It does not matter if you get stuck, what matters is, if you get out! The goal to help drivers be comfortable off-road is achievable with the above-mentioned equipment. Be stress-free with Ironman’s products and also get a warranty on all products from Ironman 4×4.

Created in Australia to serve the world. Learn more at https://www.ironman4x4.me/