Whenever you buy a new 4×4 there is surely a large list of future modifications and improvements you are looking to make. Often these improvements will be based off you immediate needs and funds. But here is a comprehensive list of the first 5 products you should be getting for your 4×4.

1. Suspension

Stock suspension in vehicles is made to a price. That means whilst it might be satisfactory, there is a whole new world you haven’t yet discovered in comfort! Stock or OEM suspension won’t carry load as well as aftermarket suspension, won’t be as smooth or comfortable on the road and will have more body roll. Aftermarket suspension is made for many purposes and choosing the right setup for your vehicle is important in order to achieve the best possible ride and performance. There is a myriad of options to choose from including the appropriate springs for you vehicle, the shock to best suit your needs, your budget, and your intended use. In addition to all that, you’ll also get the bonus of a lift to help improve clearance off-road. Suspension is one modification you’ll notice and use every day so you can appreciate it even when you’re not out on the tracks! Talk to your local suspension specialist/Ironman 4×4 distributor and they can spec out a kit to best suit your needs.

2. Bull Bar

Bull bars aren’t just about protection. Whilst they are a key component in protecting your vehicle – especially against animal strikes you’ll often see in the country. They also provide a myriad of mounting locations for accessories such as light bars, spotlights, UHF antennas, winches etc. A bull bar can also help lift the look and profile of your 4×4, changing its image from a local shopping trolley to outback tourer. Finally bull bars also assist with improving your approach angles helping your 4×4 get further off-road!

3. Roof Racks

  4wds are big! They already have plenty of storage. So why you ask do you need more storage space on the roof? Roof racks are a universal convenience. Whilst they won’t be used all the time, they provide a huge amount of flexibility as far as storage and carrying dirty loads. That occasional trip to the hardware store or the surfboard that won’t fit inside are just a few examples where a roof rack can come in handy. And if that isn’t enough to convince you, then think of the additional flexibility to bolt awnings, swags and shovels outside of the car on your next camping trip!

4. Snorkel

  Most associate the need for a snorkel with deep water crossings. The reality is that a snorkel is working for you, even when you aren’t near water! Have you ever looked where your stock air intake is? If you have the opportunity to, take a look! Often it’s nice and close to your front wheel well, often in a low, dust prone area that heats up. A snorkel relocates your air intake from this low, dusty and hot location to a much higher location that’s clear of dust and generally much cooler. This helps your vehicle perform better with cooler air, and means you’ll get better life out of your air filters as you aren’t sucking in as much dust. Finally you might even get to take advantage of the “ram air effect”.

5. Lights

  Your new vehicle already comes with new fancy lights, so why would you want to bolt some more onto a new vehicle you’ve just purchased? After-market lighting isn’t for around town – your vehicle’s headlights are. Once you hit the open road, you’ll quickly notice that your vehicles headlights are solely focused on the road ahead, and often won’t give you much perspective beyond that. Being able to see the bigger, wider picture, especially wildlife off to the side of the road provides a safer and more relaxing driving experience. LED spotlight and light bars are a great, affordable bolt on that provides a significantly wider perspective of lighting, and will also intensify the road ahead. Halogen and HID spotlights provide an intense and focused throw to be able to see further ahead down the road. Individually or together an after-market lighting option will provide a safer and more comfortable driving experience.