Toilet Paper

There’s nothing worse than scavenging the campsite for some “kind” tufts of grass or having to sacrifice that favorite, old t-shirt. Make sure you’ve packed some bog roll and check out the great toilet paper hack we have on our Toilets in the Bush article.


Should be pretty obvious, but water is a pretty essential thing to bring, from drinking to washing, and maybe even putting out the occasional camp fire when moving on. It’s recommended that you carry 5-10L per person per day. That adds up to a lot of water! Pack a jerry can for a weekend or even two!

Gas/Fuel for Cooking Gear

The old butane cartridges rolling around under the seat, are they all full and new? The gas bottle you’ve got on the racks, is it full? It’s easy to overlook these things, especially if the cartridges or containers are there, they just aren’t at full capacity.


This is one I’ve been guilty of on a number of occasions. Those cigarette lighters get taken out of the car to be used and not put back, matches forgotten to be packed? Without these you might be left rubbing two sticks together – not an enviable position to be in!

A Torch/Headlamp

Don’t know if you’ve ever tried to camp without a light at night – let me tell you rocking up to camp after day and realizing you don’t have anything to light your way and help you setup is an absolute pain! Sure you probably have your phone, but it’s not ideal! If you don’t already have one check out the Ironman 4×4 LED Sensor Headlamp.