Did someone say UCA is in the house? No, we aren’t talking about an offroading rapper, although that would be super cool. We are referring to a silent hero of 4x4s, the Upper Control Arm. The major of offroaders tend to have a vague idea about what a UCA is, but we still would like to provide a comprehensive definition. It is also important to know when your UCA might be having issues. 

Firstly. what is a UCA? No, it’s not a pro wrestler either, although… Okay, no more distractions. Upper Control Arms connect your front wheels to your 4×4 and define wheel travel, suspension durability, and wheel alignment. If you’re thinking of getting your 4×4 suspension modified or feel your drive needs improvement, replacing the upper control arms is essential.

So what are the symptoms of a UCA that needs replacing?

Wow, that was the second driver to honk at you for accidentally veering into their lane. If you notice your 4×4 veering left or right without your input, that can be one of the symptoms. Boy, this is quite a bumpy ride, don’t you think? The next symptom is tires being unevenly worn out inside or out. For regular offroaders, tire wear is common; however, if you are also experiencing other symptoms it may not be a coincidence.

Hey, we don’t mean to interrupt, but your steering wheel seems to have been left on “Do not Disturb” mode. Oh, wait it doesn’t have that mode? Well, then let’s introduce the next potential symptom: An increase in Steering Wheel Vibration. Without the support of the UCA, the insecure wheels end up wobbling, which results in steering vibrations and rough drive.

Wait, what was that noise? It seemed to have come from inside the car… No, don’t get the bat, this isn’t a thriller flick. Faulty UCAs tend to make a noise after bumps, braking and hard turns. 

If you are experiencing any of the above, then it is wise to bring your 4×4 to us ASAP so that our experts can replace your 4×4’s UCA with our Pro-Forge Upper Control Arms.

Why our UCA?

The Pro-Forge Upper Control Arms, are manufactured from 6082 T6 alloy with silver anodised corrosion protection. Ultimate strength is achieved using a drop forged method of construction that hammers the arm into shape using a precise die. During this process, the grain structure of the alloy is aligned with the new shape and any imperfections are removed. This results in a much stronger and more durable product than a cast, machined or fabricated arm.

Low maintenance components which follow the OEM philosophy ensure durability is not compromised. Bushes and ball joints are replaceable with OEM compatible or Genuine components. They allow you to fit bigger wheels leading to further increased ride height. They provide corrected wheel alignment and a greater operating clearance around the arm. Our UCAs are ADR compliant with a 3 Year 60,000km warranty. 

They also offer Optimised Wheel Alignment at Raised Ride Height. If you like big tires and cannot lie, they also offer more Clearance for Larger Tyres and Increased Lift. Another advantage of our UCA is an Improved Ball Joint Angle. But mainly, you should go for our UCAs as they provide High Strength and Durability.

If you are experiencing any of the above symptoms or are looking to get lifted; then bring your 4×4 down to us.