One might often fail to understand the importance of air filters in their vehicle. However, it is crucial for all the vehicle owners to know that air filters are one of the most important parts of the vehicle and that one should not wait until the mechanic asks it to be changed to be upgraded.

Hence, upping your air intake system at the right time can have jaw-dropping improvements in the performance of your vehicle. An upgraded air filter system comes with a thicker hose that helps in better filtering and improved cooling box so that the vehicle can breathe easily.

Thus, a snorkel…

A snorkel is an additional equipment that can be attached to your 4×4 to keep your air intake system healthy. Special care has to be taken before one takes his/her vehicle on to rough terrains. Dust can really have an adverse effect on your drive if not tackle properly.

Air filters being at a much lower height are vulnerable to concentrated dust due to which they tend to get clogged. However, a snorkel will help you overcome that. Being higher than a stock air filter, a snorkel stays away from the concentrated dust. This will lead to a significant amount of fuel saving, keep the air filter clean and achieve a bigger airflow.

Taking a vehicle off-road is a real challenge. While taking your vehicle off road, you have to think about all the possible terrains that might come in the way. One of the toughest parts of rough-terrain is deep waters. A snorkel which stands tall at the same height as that of the truck’s roof will keep the intake dry even when most of the vehicle is submerged under water. This will avoid total breakage of the engine due to hydro-intake. A snorkel induces additional pressure increase in the air intake, obtaining an optimal flow for engine needs.

An Ironman 4×4 snorkel proves to be one of the most crucial accessories when it comes to frequent adventure trailing while improving the vehicle’s performance on normal roads as well. However, there are a bunch of measures that one should keep in mind before getting one installed. This depends on the type of 4×4 you own and the rating pertaining to the wading depth that it carries as well as buying a snorkel that is specially made for your vehicle.