Fit my 4x4:

Fit my 4x4:

Our Delivery & Shipping Policy

We deliver your purchased products within 2-3 business days by our delivery partner.

Rural area delivery

In Rural areas, the delivery charges are different.

Emirate: ABU DHABI
Area Pricing
Romaitha n/a
Beda Al Mutawa n/a
Jeebly Rahba n/a
Bainoona n/a
Asab n/a
Gwaifath n/a
Delma Island n/a
Das Island n/a
Al Ruwais n/a
Tariff n/a
Marfa n/a
Madinat Zayed (Badazayed) n/a
Liwa n/a
Ruwais n/a
Ghayathi n/a
Baraka n/a
Jabel Dhana n/a
Silla n/a
Buhasa n/a
Habshan -Gayathi Rd n/a
Habshan -Madinat Zayed n/a
Habshan - Tariff n/a
Liwa - Qasr Al Sarab Area n/a
Hamem n/a
Sha n/a
Sir Bani Yas Island n/a
Zirku Island n/a
Norai Island n/a
Massnoua island n/a
Al Ariyam Island n/a
Zakum Field n/a
ICAD 2,3,4,5 n/a
Parco Mall Near Salam city n/a
Ajban n/a
Ghantoot n/a
Ashoosh n/a
Al Ghadeer n/a
Delma Island n/a
Emirate: AL AIN
Area Pricing
Old Al Dhaher n/a
Al Malakit n/a
Al Saa n/a
Mezyad Sharikat n/a
Mezyad n/a
Al Quaa DC n/a
Al Arad n/a
Umm Al Wattah n/a
Shab Al Watta n/a
New Al Dhaher n/a
Umm Zamool n/a
Gahrebah n/a
Al Shuwaimah n/a
Al Qisais n/a
Al Dahma n/a
Aflaj District n/a
Abu Hurabah n/a
Shab Al Ashkar n/a
Niema n/a
Al Foah n/a
Nahel n/a
Masaken n/a
Al Hayer n/a
Al Faqaa n/a
Al Shuwaib n/a
Sweihan n/a
Aliya n/a
Al Saad n/a
Abu Samra n/a
Remah n/a
Al Khazna n/a
Al Khatim n/a
Truck Road n/a
Jebel Hafeet n/a
Mubazzarah n/a
Ain Al Faidah n/a
Ghanimah n/a
Al Dhahra n/a
Abu Krayyah n/a
Al Quaa n/a
Al Wagan n/a
Khatm Al Shikla n/a
Bawadi Mall n/a
Um Ghaffa n/a
Barari Mall n/a
Emirate: DUBAI
Area Pricing
Margham n/a
Bab Al Shams Hotel n/a
Dubai Emirates Rd/ Bypass Rd (between Seikh Shuaib - Al-Fayah Truch Rd & Dubai - Al-Ain Rd) n/a
Al Lisaili n/a
Maha Desert Resort (Desert Area) n/a
Tigerwood Project n/a
Emirate: SHARJAH
Area Pricing
Wadi Ejili n/a
Jabal Faya n/a
Siiji Crushers Area n/a
Ta'hil n/a
Wadi Siiji n/a
Muhafiz n/a
Bathaya Military Camp n/a
Munai n/a
Showkha n/a
Wadi Al Asfai n/a
Malah n/a
Bin Rasheed n/a
Wadi Qoor Old n/a
Shiji n/a
Bahais n/a
Bin Yoolak n/a
Rafaq n/a
Shahrara & Filli Last n/a
Wadi Sfini n/a
Qadra n/a
Fili n/a
Tawi Swaidan n/a
Wadi Qoor New n/a
Wadi Mamdooha n/a
Desert Park n/a
Rafaq 2 n/a
Nasla n/a
Huwailat n/a
Wadi Tawa n/a
Emirate: AJMAN
Area Pricing
Emirates City n/a
Helio n/a
Area Pricing
Gob Dibba n/a
Nehwa n/a
Ohla n/a
Yala Masafi n/a
Wadi Al Abdala n/a
Dibba Wadi Abadila n/a
Dibba Cement n/a
Jeroof n/a
Hala Dibba n/a
Qurayya n/a
Friday Market n/a
Farfar n/a
Al hail new ind, fze-3 n/a
Ehfarah n/a
Wadi Mai n/a
Siji al Hail (Dusan Site) n/a
Wadi Hello n/a
Goona Dibba n/a
Wadi Sadr n/a
Wam Dibba n/a
Area Pricing
Seih al Bir n/a
Rumaila n/a
Hamraniya n/a
Wadi Al O'oni n/a
Bab Al Bahr n/a
Camel Race Area n/a
Ghalila n/a
Bin Majid beach resort n/a
Banyan tree Wadi (Valley) n/a
Wadi Shaem n/a
Saadi n/a
Defence Camp n/a
Shabiya Bani Zayd n/a
Al Ghail n/a
Areas in Exit 122 n/a
Ruwaidha n/a
Khatt n/a
Wadi Koob n/a
Wadi Al Ais n/a
Aden n/a
Steven Rock Area n/a
Wadi Ghalila n/a
Chup Chup n/a
Thoween n/a
Hub Hub n/a
Areas in Exit 119 n/a
Seih Al Bana n/a
Saram n/a
Thoween hub hub n/a
Shabiya Sheeban n/a
Burairat n/a
Shaam n/a
Wadi Al Ghail n/a
Shabiya Jeddha n/a
Wadi Al Beih n/a
Mukawarra n/a
Jareef n/a
Khorkhuwair n/a
Umm Urge n/a
Al Jeer n/a
Umm Al A'ain n/a
Wadi Ruwaidha n/a
Khireeja n/a
Wadi Taween n/a
Sheikh Khalifa Hospital n/a
Wadi Al A'aim n/a
Marjan Island n/a
Suwan n/a
Area Pricing
Biyatha n/a
Raffa n/a
New Sanaya / New Ind Area n/a
Sira n/a
Al Mohadub n/a
Kaber n/a
Rashidiya n/a
Falaj Al Mualla n/a
lipsa n/a

Weight Based Shipping Charge

The cost of shipping is determined by the weight of the product. This means that you'll be charged on your shipping according to the specific weight of the items you purchase.

Weight Range Shipping Rate
For 500 grams - To 2 kgs 13 AED
For 3 kgs - To 15 kgs 23 AED
For 16 kg - To 20 kg 25 AED
For 21 kg and above 2 AED per kg above 21 kgs