Fit my 4x4:

Fit my 4x4:


Any claim made by Buyer must be in writing and contain the particulars specified in the IRONMAN 4X4 Pty. Ltd’s Application for Exchange or Credit” or ‘Applications for Warranty” and be received by IRONMAN 4X4 Pty. Ltd. within 14 days after delivery of the Goods. Subject to the Contract, no claim for credit will be recognised where

  •  the Goods are made to special order or Buyer’s specifications or drawings,
  • are no longer required by Buyer,
  •  are returned without the particulars required by this Clause,
  •  Buyer has modified or altered the Goods (including changing colour) or
  •  if the IRONMAN 4X4 Pty. Ltd. Catalogue stipulates that return will not be accepted. lf Buyer insists on returning the Goods, it must pay IRONMAN 4X4 Pty. Ltd. a handling fee equal to 40% or the price of the Goods.

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