As explorers, sometimes we find ourselves trading in comfort for the thrill of adventure; however, how much is too much? Yes, we are rough and tough, but no matter how much we city-folk love the outdoors, our bodies aren’t used to such conditions. Since the beginning of time, we have all seen the hype about starry nights – with Van Gogh even painting them. But what these glamorizations leave out is the various issues we face outdoors (maybe that’s why Van Gogh was painting them instead of sleeping under them). Not to mention the lack of AC or heating, leading to an increase in shivering or sweating.  But there is no need to worry as we are here to give you those much-needed tips and tricks to enjoying an evening out camping. 


Who hasn’t seen a beautiful bonfire in those Facebook camping groups and wished they could recreate the same fire without having to maintain it meticulously. Bonfires are a great way to stay warm and cook but maintaining them can be a challenge. Hence, our suggestion is to pack a decent amount of tinder – such as wood or paper- to ensure the fire is well maintained.  

Another temperature tip is to pack extra warm layers. We know you may be short on space, so we suggest you ditch some unnecessary items -aka the camping radio – it didn’t work last time, it won’t work now. 

Tent-atively Thinking 

Tents also play a vital role in how good your night sleep will be. For example, our Ironman 4×4 Roof Top Tent comes with a high-density foam mattress making the tent floor softer than the standard thin waterproof fabrics. Now, no one is a fan of being watched while sleeping, considering that seems to be the plot of almost all stalker movies, so privacy is important to allow for a worry-free night rest. Our tents come with a popup window awning so no one will see that weird sleeping position you have. I mean, the tent will, but it won’t tell. We’re sure you’ve all seen The Revenant with Mr Leo having a wrestling match with a bear, making his starry nights less starry. But maybe if he had our Roof Tent, it all could have been avoided (we know Leo is never going out to the woods again). All jokes aside, having a rooftop tent will ensure you are out of reach from natural elements and any creepy crawlies. All of us camping veterans have come back with battle scars, specifically speaking mosquito based battle scars. No matter how tightly you seal the tent, there’s always one pesky mosquito that manages to sneak in. That’s why our Roof Top Tent comes fitted with a mosquito net! Speaking of mosquito net, if rooftop tents aren’t your thing, but you still want to avoid mozzie bites, then check out our awning room which also comes fitted with a mosquito net! Our awning room is 2.5m by 2.5m zip-up room that attaches to your awning, providing more space than traditional tents for all your supplies!

That Wasn’t Us

We swear that the light tap on your arm wasn’t us. Although being in the desert means we get to avoid bears as well as coyotes, it doesn’t mean we’re in the clear. The desert is home to scorpions, mosquitos and other creepy crawlies, some of which can give some nasty bites.  It is much easier to spot them during the day but as night falls it gets tricky to spot these stealth mode experts.  Hence, a good lighting setup is required to ensure that you can continue to avoid and spot anything nearby. Our team is full of hardcore overlanders, and their advice is to tie a LED lamp to a fishing rod placed firmly into the ground. Due to the powerful beams of LED, your whole camping area will be illuminated, helping to ensure you don’t wake up to any surprise bites. For a sturdier alternative, stay tuned because Ironman 4×4 is coming out with just the solution. We can’t say too much but let’s just say that this sturdy alternative doesn’t need you to leave your comfy chair to adjust its position and is bright enough for there to be no need for a bonfire. 

Feeling Prepared? 

If the above has already got you feeling prepared and hyped imagine the wonders these tips can do when you try them out. There are many more things you can do to enjoy a night outdoors, that have been tried and tested by our outdoor-loving team. So, if you’re heading out for a trip, don’t forget to stop by and we’ll be happy to recommend some gear as well as share some personal tips for that special night out.