With the last of the good weather soon coming to an end, there is no better time to take advantage of the last of it down on the beach! 4WDing on the beach comes with it’s own challenges, but is also very forgiving for your vehicle choice. You don’t need a fully kitted out vehicle to have a nice play on the sand! BUT as with anything, there are a few items that make it all much easier and safer to enjoy – there is nothing worse than getting stuck with a rising tide.

Tyre Pressures

Tyre pressures are key to an enjoyable day on sand. Lowering tyre pressures increases your footprint and distributes the weight of the vehicle over a greater surface area – allowing the vehicle to “float” across the top rather than digging in and sinking. Lower tyre pressures will also assist in creating a smoother ride over what can often be quite uneven surface – and everyone enjoys a good bit of comfort! Tyre pressures are an easy thing to adjust. A key in your valve will do the job, but it’s a laborious affair and without much precision as to what pressures you’re running. The Ironman 4×4 Speedy Tyre Deflator is an easy way to quickly and accurately drop your tyre pressures to match conditions (usually between 15-25psi – though don’t be affraid to go lower if you need to!). Raising tyre pressure when you get back on the road is at the other end is another point to consider. You can make the slow run to the nearest servo, but there aren’t always conveniently located, so rather than causing undue wear on your tyres, think about investing in a portable air compressor. Finally there is nothing worse than getting a flat and needing to change the tyre on the soft sand. A tyre repair kit can assist with getting you out of trouble long enough to find a tyre store who can assist with repairing or replacing your tyre.

Basic Recovery Gear

When driving along beaches, you should always be aware of the tide and also ideally never drive alone. It only takes a minute to bog in and leave you with hours long recoveries – especially if you are on your own. A basic recovery kit with some rated shackles, an appropriate snatch strap and some appropriate recovery points can mean a quick tug out, or a lot of digging! But digging can be an inevitability if you aren’t careful and a shovel can definitely help the process along if you do have the misfortune of getting a little stuck! If you do happen to venture solo though. Self recovery becomes far more important. So on top of the shovel, some traction boards such as our Total Traction are a great option to allow you to drive out of bogs and get sufficient momentum to extract yourself! Finally! The most important thing is to get out there and have a great time!