The 4×4 Earth National Forum Meetup was yet again another great success. This year there was over 200 people who attended the event and dozens of vehicles. The event was a great opportunity for the online community to meet up and put faces to those names that many are in regular contact with online! With members of 4×4 Earth driving down to O’Tooles Campground, VIC, from all across Australia, with members from as far as Queensland coming down for a week of fun 4x4ing, camping and socialising! Ironman 4×4 was there over the weekend getting involved, enjoying a fun run around on Saturday with a crew that included some steep climbs and a couple fun river crossings – not to mention the great lunch at the Wally pub! As part of the meetup 4×4 Earth also ran a raffle to raise money for local causes. This was a great success with more being raised this year than any previous year!