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Understanding Dual Batteries And How To Charge Them

A dual battery system in a 4×4 is very handy, especially if you like running accessories from your 4×4 when camping and in particular if you run a compressor fridge in the back.

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All You Need To Know About Winches For Your 4x4s

Ironman 4x4 has a wide option of winches to choose from. You can visit our dealers across the Middle East to learn more about our products.

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Our First Wadi 4x4 Offroad Drive In The UAE

Our team organised a season starter 4x4 drive in the wadis of Ras Al Khaimah and Fujairah. What started off as a simple plan with about 5-6 SUVs soon ended up as a 20 car event.

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Here’s Why You Need An Ironman 4x4 Snorkel For Your Off-Road Vehicle

An Ironman 4x4 snorkel proves to be one of the most crucial accessories when it comes to frequent adventure trailing while improving the vehicle's performance on normal roads as well.

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Advantages Of Installing An Ironman 4x4 Suspension Lift Kit

A lift kit a crucial modification to SUVs that boosts their capabilities when it comes to taking them off-road. Simply put, lift kits provide those precious extra inches of ground clearance that might just help your SUV overcome big obstacles. 

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Ironman 4x4 Middle East Facility In JAFZA Is 100% Ready For Action

This state of the art facility in Jebel Ali Free Zone in Dubai, UAE, serves not only as a warehouse but also as a flagship dealership demonstration centre where customers, business partners and potential dealers can come and experience all our products under one roof. 

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Why Foam Cell Shocks Should Be Your First Choice For Serious Off-Road Suspension

Everyone knows one of the first off-road modifications is suspension, but it's tough to figure out which of the many designs is the best for 4WD touring.

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Simpson Desert Trip - Teaser

Australia's Simpson Desert - an Iconic trip for all four wheel drivers.

It offers remoteness, harshness and and the perfect product testing ground.

Join us for a teaser of our trip through this fantastic piece of Australia.

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Foam Cell Pro Testing

We set out to investigate shock absorber temperatures and how they affect performance.

Beginning with oscillation testing, we mounted a Foam Cell Pro shock absorber to the dyno, then gave them a solid run through the Simpson desert recording their performance along the way.

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Ironman 4x4 BigBore Exhaust Systems - How we differ from our competitors

While doing your research we think it’s only fair to explain the differences of our exhaust systems, so you can make an informed decision on which exhuast is best for you!

Identify the difference between our BigBore Exhaust System and our competitors.

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Tyre Pressures - Why they are so important

Tyres are often one of the first mods anyone with a 4x4 will do. Dropping your tyre pressures will providing a more comfortable ride and more grip.

Have a read of our guide to what pressures you should be running and why.

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Shitbox Rally

Have you heard of the Shitbox Rally? If not you should check it out!

One of our distributors - 7 Day Spares is getting involved in this epic event, travel nearly 3,700km in cars worth less than $1,000!

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